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Custom Fashion Portfolio

These are the archives of my past fashion work. Some of these pieces may eventually be available in my shop, but are all sample size from runway shows. I am hoping to start making small runs of clothing in multiple sizes when I have time!

Location: Arte West - New York City, NY 

Models: Amerasia Wilson, Cheyenne Ervin, Gift Patrick, Helen Liao, Helena Simon, Jackie Hill, Kelsey Butler, Leslie Guzman, Marilyn Yang, Marlo Lane, Rachel May, Sammie Lynn, Samson Smith, Thalia Guzman, Whitney Richardson 

A Painted Canvas

Location: R Bistro & Pastry - Fairhope, Alabama 

Models: Jenny Biggs, Candice, Debra Richards, Katie, Elizabeth Madson, Kimmie Mizell, Bailey Keefe

Photographer: Tony Thagard 

Charity Circus Show

She Wore Pastel by the Sea Shore

Location: Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay - Fairhope, Alabama 

Model: Chloe Carson

Photographer: Shelby Rider 

Melodious Virtuouso Pt.1

Location: Midtown - Monalisa Studios, Brooklyn, New York City 

Model: Natti Vogel 

Photographer: Haley Varacallo 

Melodious Virtuouso Pt.2

Location: Midtown - Soho House, New York City 

Model: Natti Vogel 

Photographer: Shelby Rider

Glittering Hippodrome 

Season: Fall 2018

Location: Midtown - Manhattan, New York City 

Models: Gloria Thompson and Sadia Pericles 

Photographer: Shelby Rider

Gossamer Whimsy 

Season: Spring 2018

Location: Upper East Side - Manhattan, New York City 

Models: Chelsea Scalzo and Damani Lomas

Photographer: Shelby Rider

Chinatown Chic

Season: Resort 2017 

Location: Chinatown - Manhattan, New York City 

Model: Menaka

Photographer: Shelby Rider

Royal Portraits

Season: Fall 2015

Inspiration: Marie Antoinette and her ladies in waiting. 

Location: Florence, Italy (Bardini Gardens, Il Duomo, and Piazza della Republica)

Models: Claire Anderson, Nadja Mataya, Molly Harrington, Kylie Hernandez 

Photographer: Shelby Rider

Seven Wonders

Season: Spring 2016

Inspiration: The Seven Natural Wonders of the World 

Location: Richmond, Virginia (Maymont Park) 

Model: Monika Burbridge

Photographer: Shelby Rider


Season: Fall 2016

Inspiration: French Pastries

Location: Fairhope, Alabama (The Bluff) 

Models: Mary Mattox, Chloe Carson, Tammy Carson-Williams, Sydney Madison

Photographer: Shelby Rider

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