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Weekend in the Hamptons: Fashion Edition

My wonderful friend Amy generously invited me out to her house in the Hamptons this past weekend, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do an outfit post!

Blue, White, Black - Monochrome Wardrobe

It took me about two hours to pick out my weekend’s worth of outfits-mostly because my jewelry situation is a horrible mess right now, but that’s for another blog post…

I had never been to the Hamptons, but I always think about the white parties and of course beachy blues, so I knew that I wanted to make a theme out of it. Everything I packed also had to be comfortable enough to run around town in while still looking fashionable. I did not end up using everything I took, but it’s always better to over pack than under pack!

Platform Flats, Beaded Heels, Beaded Sandals, Striped Pointy Toes

Day 1:

The first day had to be a travel outfit. I took the Hampton Jitney down to Bridgehampton, so I was on the bus for three and a half hours.

Blue Statement Sunglasses

In order to get to the bus, I had to walk six blocks to the subway, grab the A train to Port Authority, then walk six more avenues (which if you’re not a New Yorker, are much longer than blocks), so comfortable shoes were very important. I wore my mint blue platform flat lace-ups, and decided on a crazy pair of blue sunglasses to match.

Blue Accessories - Platform Flats, Swirly Sunglasses

I wore a pair of comfy faux leather leggings-that I think look a bit nicer than a cotton legging-and a blue top that buttons down the back with a tie at the front neck.

Blue on Blue Outfit
Floral Bench with Blue Outfit and Accessories


-Blouse: Dana Buchman

-Leggings: Forever 21

-Shoes: Qupid

-Sunglasses: I got them at JCPenny? No label on them...


Day 2:

I chose to wear my favorite outfit I had brought for the weekend on day two because I knew I would be running around all day.

My goal was to find some really cool thrift stores in the tiny town of Bridgehampton. I had found two places in a google search the night before, and set out to find them that morning. Luckily I brought a pair of back up shoes, because I ended up walking for hours.

Beaded Pointy Toe Heels, Beaded Sandals

I wore a fitted white cotton blouse that falls off the shoulder and has hook and eyes all the way up the center front. I love this top because it is so simple but elegant and can be dressed up and down.

I paired this with a pair of jeggings. (I know, I know…. Another pair of leggings as pants. But I will never apologize for it because I have a large rear and tiny waist, and I would like to see you find some pants that fit me perfectly! #BigBootyBlues)

I knew I would be walking a lot this day, so comfort was just as important as it was when I was riding the bus.

I paired this look with one of my favorite thrift finds, a lacey blue jacket trimmed in ribbon. It’s very lightweight and easy to wear with nice big pockets, but it is also reversible! The other side is nearly the same, but without the ribbons, but I nearly always like the ribbons showing.

I am really big on accessorizing, so I brought a pair of blue crystal earrings, a velvet blue bracelet with a jeweled charm, my metal flower silver sunglasses, and my beautiful white beaded heels. I ended up wearing everything but the earrings. I thought I would wear my hair up with this look, but with it down, they ended up being too much.

Garments: -Blouse: 6 Degrees

-Jeggings: I ordered these from China. No label listed.

-Jacket: Yansi Fugel

-Shoes: Caparros

-Backup Shoes: Alex Marie

-Sunglasses: No brand listed :(

-Bracelet: I thrifted this. Might be vintage.

-Earrings: H&M


Day 3:

I know I’ve been preaching comfort in this post, but day three was another three hours stuck in a car. Amy and I went to an antique store on our way out of town, which you can see here, but other than that, the day was about getting home to the city.

I wore a ruffled black and white blouse that buttoned down the front. I love the flowy sleeves and the thin line work of the print. It’s also a nice lightweight material for when it’s warm out.

I like most of my clothing to fit me pretty snuggly (or else-as I’m sure you other short girls know-sometimes I end up looking massive), so I decided to add a skinny black belt to accentuate my waist.

As for my pants, they aren’t leggings! Technically…. They are a stretchy cotton, but they are sewn together like any denim pant would be, but in a much more comfortable material.

I love the shoes that I wore with this because stripes are always a good thing. I love printed shoes, but it’s hard to find good ones that work. These heels are actually really comfortable and I wore them all day until I had to get back on the subway. Then it was back to my jeweled sandals-which ended up betraying me in the end anyway with blisters on the bottom of my feet.

I felt like my outfit was missing something, so I added a black velvet choker to mimic what the black belt was doing, both of which drew from the stripes in the shoes.


-Blouse: Christopher & Banks

-Pants: Joe Fresh

-Shoes: Worthington

-Belt: I think I got it at GAP

-Choker: No Label


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