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Fashionable in Fairhope

I am originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I have come to call the tiny town of Fairhope, Alabama my hometown as well. I moved there when I was thirteen and my parents and sister still live there now. I was really only there for high school, but I visited enough on summer and Christmas breaks from college to make it seem longer.

My parents have a fantastic restaurant downtown. It actually ranks as the number one restaurant in the area, as well as fifth in the whole state of Alabama. Their food is incredible and definitely a contributing factor to my having a great stay when I visit.

Fairhope is one of those little gems of a place that people imagine but don't think exists. It has about fifteen thousand people total, so everyone knows everyone. It's very similar to the Stars Hollow Town in the show Gilmore Girls, especially in that we host parades and events for every holiday and sometimes for what seems like no reason at all.

Usually when I come home for a visit, I spend a lot of time in our restaurant, and I make a point to dress up. I am pretty much guaranteed to run into several people I know every day that I'm home, and sometimes just people that have heard about me from my parents talking about their "New York Daughter". So now, instead of the comfy sweats I want to don on my vacation, these are the outfits I put together for the weekend:

To start, this is just a corset I wore one day. The corset was ordered off of Adore Me and I paired it with a pair of jeggings. I couldn't find a good background for it, so I laid on my sister's kitchen floor to get the shot.

We went to see Wonder Woman, so I felt that my metallic jumpsuit was definitely fitting! I didn't want to disturb anyone in the theater with my photo taking, so I figured the arcade would do.

This was the last look I wore over the weekend. I was helping out as a hostess at the restaurant and wanted to look nice for the dinner shift. I took a photo in front of the mannequins I had at my mom's house, but I added a few in Photoshop to make it a little more fun!

I'm excited for my next trip home and look forward to putting new outfits together!

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