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Irving Penn Centennial at The Met

Irving Penn is a well celebrated photographer known for his work in famous portraits and still lifes, but I am most interested in him for his work in fashion photography. He worked for Vogue and is credited with shooting some of the most iconic fashion imagery. Here is a look at the pieces on display at The Met's Centennial exhibit:

In my opinion, the coolest part about the exhibit was that they chose to display Irving Penn's old photo backdrop. This piece of canvas can clearly be seen in several of the photos pictured above, and I was honored to have the privilege of taking a photo in front of it myself!

So many famous people posed before this backdrop, and now me! What a happy accident that my outfit matched so well.

The strangest part of it though was that an older gentlemen wandering the exhibit began taking photos of me in front of the backdrop as well. I wonder if they might crop up again later somewhere on the internet...

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