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Abandoned Building Editorial

I have been wanting to do another photo shoot lately, and I recently met JD Mousley-a producer for the MLB and NHL networks-who is very interested in photography. We decided to go out to a location he had scouted in New Jersey to take some cool shots.

I wore this outfit, originally thinking that we would be shooting in front of a waterfall, but they had the gate locked off so we weren't able to get to it. So we ended up wandering around the property behind it and found these cool abandoned buildings to use as a backdrop instead.

There were some cool spots to take photos, but I saw this platform running through one of the buildings that I really wanted to shoot on. So we climbed these stairs to try and get up there, but they only went so high before they just stopped. There was a large hole between the stairs and the rest of the building. We were bummed out, but this I saw this ladder and knew we had to get up there.

The only thing was that it was really rusted and not attached to the ground anymore, so it swayed when you touched it, and to get to it, we had to climb through a window full of broken glass and shimmy over the ledge to it. Let me tell you, climbing that sketchy ladder in high heels and a corset to a platform that we weren't even sure would hold up our weight, made me feel really hard core.


-Blouse: H&M


-Shoes: Let's Go Firenze


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